All Better

Sickness tearing through the family is finally over, but I’m still worn out! My sleeping pattern is all screwy. Thankfully my husband was able to kick it in the bud, before it took over.

Now that we’re better it’s time to refocus on being more green. I’m very proud that I’ve been able to get my husband to recycle the bottles and cans. He does pretty good with the plastics and papers, but now and then I see some in the trash…

It can get quite overwhelming very quickly. ¬†Then I read articles like this one about these two families in Chicago, and I get inspired and disappointed. It’s a strange dichotomy. I am absolutely amazed. Check it out:¬†,0,6029438.story

Still going

Wow. A whole week of sickness… our family’s first round of ickies. First the baby, then the mama, now the papa. I know this is how it goes, but man, it stinks!

Once things get back to normal here I’m going begin my experiment into “green” mommyhood. I want to leave a better legacy to my daughter (and any future children) than what I’m facing today. We’re starting with better disposable diapers! I really, really wanted to do cloth, but in apartment living, it’s just not practical. A friend brought up a good point though, is cloth really greener? I mean with all the extra washing and flushing – using the water and sewage – is it that much greener?

Something I’ll have to look at deeper in my journey. Wish me luck!